Have you ever been in a situation where a loved one’s family just doesn’t seem to accept you? Well, this 30-year-old woman found herself in a predicament with her boyfriend’s family, and she turned to Reddit to see if she was at fault.


Her boyfriend had recently broken up with his high school sweetheart before they started dating. Although he had moved on, his family was having a hard time letting go of the past. His mother, especially, was grieving the loss of the ex-girlfriend and struggled to accept the new woman in her son’s life.

For an entire year, the woman’s boyfriend’s mother would continuously call her by his ex-girlfriend’s name. Even when corrected, she would still get it wrong. It seemed like a deliberate attempt to hurt her rather than a mere mistake. The woman endured this, hoping that things would improve over time.

But as Thanksgiving approached, tensions escalated. During a barbecue at her boyfriend’s sister’s house, his mother again called her by the wrong name, sarcastically suggesting that she should cook the turkey for Thanksgiving. Fed up with being disrespected, the woman decided to make her point.

On Thanksgiving Day, the woman and her boyfriend arrived at his mother’s house empty-handed, without the promised turkey. This shocked everyone, and a heated argument ensued. Eventually, they were kicked out of the house.

Since that night, the woman’s boyfriend hasn’t spoken to her. She wasn’t sure if their relationship was over, so she sought advice from the Reddit community. And let me tell you, the responses she received were overwhelming.

Many people applauded her for taking a stand against her boyfriend’s mother. They saw her actions as heroic, considering the years of mistreatment she had endured. Some suggested that confronting the mother directly wouldn’t have made a difference, as she had already tried without success. They believed that what she did was the only thing significant enough to make her boyfriend’s mother realize her wrongdoing.

So, was she wrong for what she did? The overwhelming response from netizens was a resounding “no.” They saw her actions as justified and necessary.

Dealing with difficult in-laws can be challenging, and sometimes drastic actions are needed to set boundaries. Although this Thanksgiving ended in chaos, it served as a wake-up call for everyone involved. Perhaps it’s an opportunity for the boyfriend’s family to reflect on their behavior and make amends.

In the end, the woman learned that standing up for herself is important, even if it means causing a little drama during Thanksgiving dinner.