This wedding was very special!

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The wedding is not just a big party, but the moment when a couple in love celebrate and swear their love until old age.

But, this wedding was very special. During the religious ceremony of a Portuguese couple, the groom wanted to declare that he loved someone else, and his words immediately startled the guests.

I’ve heard of situations where one of the bride and groom decided to give up the wedding at the last minute, but from the moment Jefferson interrupted his ceremony, his wedding became special.

The man never intended to leave his wife in front of the altar and run away with another woman. When it came time to exchange vows with his future wife, Jefferson admitted that he loved someone else.

No one understood what was going on, but only when the groom turned his gaze to a little girl who was among the guests did all those present finds out the truth.

During the emotional ceremony, Jefferson dedicated his life not only to his wife, Jessica but also to his 8-year-old daughter Giovanna.

Jefferson’s kind words to Giovanna, who is not his biological daughter, made the little girl cry.

“I offer you, my love. I will take care of you and I will always protect you and I will not let you down.
Nothing bad is happening, “Jefferson said, looking Giovanna in the eye.

Deeply moved, the little girl picked up the microphone and thanked her new father.

Certainly, this moment was one that all those who attended this wedding will remember fondly!


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