Since they were children, Matt and Dyana have known one another, and their feelings have grown stronger through time. Now that they are married, a miraculous child named Luella has joined their family.

Recently, Dyana posted a picture of herself on Facebook, shot by her husband, sleeping next to their daughter. The story that goes with the photograph is so captivating that it made me cry as I read it. I hope it will have an influence on you just as much as it has on me.

“Due to the eruption of her first teeth, our daughter Luella was crying a lot. I sat next to her to help her unwind, and soon we were both dozing off.”

“I woke up to see Matt already at home. He gave off a troubled appearance, and his eyes started to tear up. He instantly reassured me that everything was fine even though I was afraid at the time.

The moment he saw me with our child, he realized how much he loved us. Unintentionally, we made him think of a story our preacher had told us.

On one of those days, we’d leave Luella at home and attend church. After the service, we met with the pastor, and he related a situation he saw in an orphanage in Uganda.

He visited boarding schools and orphanages all around the world as a missionary, but the Ugandan facility had a special air. He was stunned by the “screaming” stillness when he first walked into the large room with roughly 100 cribs where they were infants.

One would anticipate hearing someone crying in such a room, but there was total silence.

The answer the priest received when he asked why all of the children were acting strangely will stay with him for the rest of his life. When the youngsters get to the orphanage, they are all sobbing uncontrollably. He screams and begs his parents for help as a way of expressing his distress. Nevertheless, after a week, they all calm down. I recognize that they are no longer required and that no one is there to comfort them.

Silence is a sign that the little ones are sorrowful inside. The children are aware that no one, possibly never, will come to pick them up.

We were completely shaken by this tale. We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t ever ignore our kids’ cries. No matter how tired I am, I’ll comfort Luella even if she is complaining in the middle of the night.

Without saying a word, Matt knew everything when he saw Luella and I in the crib. He made dinner while I slept. When I awoke, he held me and said, “I love you more than anything on this earth.” ”

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