The action of a young woman named Shelby Hennick, who is now 21 years old, has captured the attention of people all around the world. Everyone is overjoyed and gives her a round of applause for the kind gesture she performed for her ailing grandmother.

Due to lung difficulties, Grandma’s condition at the hospital was described as being very critical. She was aware of her surroundings, but she was in a lot of discomfort, and her health was not in very good shape.

The one and only thing that pushed her to struggle against the sickness was the idea of finally being reunited with her dog Patsy, whom she had missed terribly.

Because dogs were not permitted inside the hospital where the grandmother was being treated, the elderly woman experienced a great deal of dissatisfaction and sadness.

Because she anticipated that her niece would not give up without a fight, she devised a cunning and creative strategy.

Shelby traveled to her grandmother’s house, where she took Patsy and covered him in a blanket before bringing him inside. The dog started out extremely upset, but the experience of riding in the car calmed him down, and he is now sitting comfortably on the blanket. Since Shelby is a licensed veterinarian, she was able to put the dog at ease.

Shelby went into the hospital feeling confident, carrying Patsy with her as she was covered in a blanket. Everyone was under the impression that there was a baby hiding under the blanket rather than a dog.

When Grandma saw her niece walk into the room with that blanket, she couldn’t believe her eyes. He had no idea what was hiding in that spot, and he didn’t even have a suspicion about it. However, Grandma was rendered speechless when Shelby took up the blanket because she was so overcome with joy at the prospect of seeing Patsy once more. It was everything that she required.

Their tale was shared on Facebook, and someone commented that they had done the same thing for their grandfather.

When my grandfather was sick in the hospital, I did the same thing for him, although our picture wasn’t as easy to hide as theirs was.

— micah (@micah0510) June 12, 2017

What a fascinating account! How many would be able to do anything like this for their grandmother if it was asked of them?