This 5-year-old is about to be adopted by new family

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Adoption and finding a forever family is a lovely experience in and of itself, but adding Disney princesses to the mix makes the experience much more enchanting.

Everyone in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, courtroom was taken aback when they saw seven princesses and Prince Charming arrive last week to support Danielle, a five-year-old princess who was adopted by Jim and Sarah Koning.

Caseworkers dressed up as fairy godmothers with wands and tiaras for the hearing, which was clearly suited for a princess. Even the judge joined in the fun, donning a princess-themed dress beneath her robe to commemorate the occasion.

Mom Sarah Koning said the family was overjoyed to have reached the end of the “long road” to adoption, and Danielle’s princess surprise made the day even more special.

“It was something we had been looking forward to for a long time, so it was already a fantastic day, but it was even better,” Koning told TODAY.

“Having the princesses there added to the experience for her, and it’s something she’ll remember for the rest of her life, knowing that we love her and she’s in the proper place.”

The princesses wished Danielle well in her new permanent family and celebrated the adoption at the hearing.

“Because of the contentious adoption, it was a long road,” she added.

But the Konings’ big day arrived, and Kristina Grey, a foster care case manager at the Samaritas organization who worked with Danielle, came up with the princess motif.

Grey admitted that she was aware of Danielle’s concerns regarding her future. “Permanence had been an issue for her,” she explained. “She wanted to know who she was and where she fit in.”

Grey continued, “I knew right then and there that I had to make her adoption day unforgettable for her.”

Koning is grateful for such a special day.

“I was completely taken aback,” she stated. “Things was incredible to witness it unfold and to realize how unforgettable it will be for Danielle.”

“We just feel privileged to be able to have these two children and nurture them, teach them, and love them,” Koning said.

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