“The customer is always right,” is a saying you may have heard in the service industry, but there are always some people who prove this to be incorrect!

We all know what this statement actually implies, especially those of us who have worked in the service industry; there are individuals who believe they are better than everyone else and demand to be treated as such, almost like a monarch or queen, while treating customer service like peasants.

This woman, who works at an airline’s check-in counter, is fictitious, but she exhibits a very clever approach to deal with incredibly rude individuals, customers!

Her answer to an unruly passenger, showing him his place in a nice and professional manner, made me laugh out loud!


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The worker at the check-in desk at New York’s LaGuardia Airport deserves a medal for how she handled this obnoxious passenger!

Have you ever had to deal with a grumpy client? This one is for you guys and women!

Because the Southwest Airlines flight, which was extremely crowded and fully booked, was canceled due to severe weather, this single agent re-booked everyone to fly at a later date.

Then, out of nowhere, a furious passenger pushed his way to the front of the line…

He tossed his ticket down on the table and sneered, ”

“I HAVE to be on this aircraft, and it has to be first class,” she says.

In response, the agent stated:

“Sir, please accept my apologies. I’ll do my best to assist you, but first I have to assist these people, and then I’m confident we’ll be able to work something out.”

This passenger was not impressed in the least!

He demanded, loudly enough for all the other passengers to hear:

“DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” says the narrator.

The agent then smiled and reacted in a flash, snatching her public address microphone…

She stated, ”

“Could I have your undivided attention, please?”

“We’ve got a passenger at Gate 14 who has no idea who he is.”

“Please come to Gate 14 if anyone can assist him with his identify.”

The people behind him were laughing hysterically, and the man gritted his teeth as he looked at the woman…

He stated, ”

“You’re screwed!”

The woman said, without hesitation and with a pleasant smile:

“Sir, please accept my apologies. You’ll have to queue for that as well.”

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