You almost definitely know her as Elaine Benes on “Seinfeld,” but if the hit sitcom is a bit before your time or wasn’t your cup of tea, then you probably recognize Julia Louis-Dreyfus from “Veep.”

She’s been delighting audiences with her impeccable comedic timing and assertive delivery for four decades since she was cast on “Saturday Night Live” in 1982.

Louis-Dreyfus has been recognized for her contributions to comedy countless times, and she currently holds the record for most Emmy awards won by any actor with 11 wins, so needless to say, she’s a total television icon.

She hasn’t always had it easy, despite the fact that Louis-Dreyfus has developed a great career in comedy and that her contribution to the monumental hit that was “Seinfeld” put her up for life.

It could be claimed that Louis-Dreyfus has faced more than her fair share of challenges throughout her life, including family tragedies, health issues, and competing for a position in such a male-dominated sector.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is well-known for being a quick-witted comic with a toothy smile. When she launched the April 25, 2023 episode of her podcast “Wiser Than Me,” with a moving narrative about a miscarriage she had in the late ’80s, she revealed a more frail side to herself.

She stated, “I became pregnant for the first time when I was approximately 28 years old, and I was ecstatic. I had a simple pregnancy. I experienced strong, womanly feelings. Then, relatively late into the pregnancy, my husband Brad and I learned that the unborn child would not survive.”

“As you may guess, that was emotionally devastating, but it worsened when I got sick and ended up in the hospital.”

According to Louis-Dreyfus, her mother traveled over to be by her side while she recovered. Even though she was permitted to leave the hospital, the actress remained “bedridden” and could not eat solid food.

However, because cooking and eating are so important to Louis-Dreyfus’ family’s traditions, her mother made chili with baked cornbread.

As Louis-Dreyfus said, “It was the best meal ever,” this was precisely what the actress needed. “I didn’t even eat any of it. It was incredibly soothing to see it being made. It was quite encompassing.” Although it was undoubtedly upsetting, she at least had her husband and mother to care for her and the “wonderful” smell of her mother’s cooking to give her solace.

Gérard (William) Louis-Dreyfus was born in Paris, France, in 1932, and grew up there. His father was employed by the Louis Dreyfus Group, a merchant company and processor that dealt with the agricultural sector among others. Louis-Dreyfus started his legal profession before becoming chairman of the family business.

He amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune over the course of his life and was extraordinarily giving to the arts. He even founded a gallery with the intention of promoting significant causes and exposing people to art. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was one of Louis-Dreyfus’ three daughters; he had divorced her mother when she was a young child.

She made care to include him in her Emmy-winning speech after he tragically passed away in September 2016 at the age of 84 from complications related to his congestive heart failure.

She used to struggle to be taken seriously as a woman in the comedy industry; today, she commands any room she enters.

Louis-Dreyfus discovered the force she was up against while appearing on “Saturday Night Live” when she was just 21 years old. She stated, “I had no idea about this business of shows,” in an interview. “In addition to the fact that everyone there was fully high on any substance they could get their hands on, it was a highly male-dominated and male-centric environment, and I had no idea. I caught on quickly.”

Later, Louis-Dreyfus struggled with the writers at “Seinfeld,” where she eventually found success. “I didn’t think I was getting enough really meaty funny material,” she stated in a bonus segment in a 2006 documentary about the program. “I had things, but they weren’t particularly amusing.”

Given that she broke barriers at such a young age, Louis-Dreyfus is now regarded as a pioneer and a comedy icon. “I can honestly say that I have a s*** ton of experience when it comes to creating entertainment,” she said in an interview with Time. “I believe I have… I don’t believe. “I want to contribute a lot.”