One of Tina Turner’s neighbors remarked, “Someone like this should live forever,” as she placed flowers outside the rock icon’s lakeside residence in Switzerland on Thursday.

The 83-year-old rock icon resided for over three decades in Turner’s castle, where a regular stream of visitors left cards and notes. Barbara Burkhalter was one of them.

World leaders and other rock legends paid tribute to Turner after she passed away on Wednesday, but so did her neighbors in the affluent Zurich suburb of Kuesnacht, where the diva had a peaceful, trouble-free existence.

“I brought a small card and some flowers. Burkhalter, who is 69, stated, “I had to come.”

“She was one of my favorites. Although we were happy to see her, we would never have troubled her.”

“Although we can’t hear your voice anymore, it still exists in my heart.”

Antonella Carrera cried as she thought about the influence Turner’s music had on her life beginning in her early years.

“Going through hard times, music is what always pulls one back and where you find yourself, and Tina gave me many, many moments where I needed to feel good again,” the 53-year-old said.

“I know she’s gone, and the legend lives on forever, but it’s just the pain knowing that this beautiful woman with this gift from God has finally gone to rest.”

The house gates built up large bouquets and individual flowers, candles, cards, and handwritten messages to the US-born superstar, including one saying “Rest in power.”

Besides her soaring vocals and magnetic stage presence, Turner’s overcoming of domestic violence touched many worldwide.

Well-wisher Guia Greaves praised her for being a kind neighbor, discreet, and humble in her community.

Greaves told AFP: “I don’t know how many times I drove by here while listening to her songs and exclaimed, ‘Hey, Tina!’”

“And I genuinely like what she stood for regarding domestic violence—how she grew without animosity.”

“Now that we have her music, we must continue to enjoy this treasure.”

With her lifelong partner Erwin Bach, Turner relocated to Switzerland in 1995. For the 67-year-old German producer, some people left flowers as condolences.

Their gardens feature enormous pink and blue-hued plants and neatly maintained hedges.

Three-story white mansion with turrets that backs up to Lake Zurich is hidden from the road by imposing trees.

Bryan Mackie, 29, one of those paying their respects, said, “Her music became a part of my life as a teenager and got me thinking about what we make of this life.”

“My girlfriend is more of a fan than I am. She is in such sorrow, so I brought flowers for her.”

A man knelt and gave the castle three kisses; a woman laid flowers at the gates and gently touched them; another woman recited prayers in Italian.

In remembrance, Turner’s song blared from the cocktail lounge across the street.

Italian IT worker Andrea Brunetti, 47, of Lucerne, placed a rose with a love heart.

“She is the most stunning woman to have lived in the past 200 years. She truly is a treasure.” He continued that she is more than an artist; “she has a lovely soul.”

“She consistently gave her all to the very end. Some folks will always be alive. Thank you, Tina, for everything you did for the community.”

The 48-year-old Jerika Seiler, who has frequently encountered Turner in nearby restaurants over the previous 20 years, lighted a candle.

“Three of her shows I attended… I usually cry every time I see her movie,” she admitted.

“She was extremely resilient. I’ll miss her advice for living. She excelled in many aspects.”

“She is and always will be the best.”