Leave It to Beaver is one of those television shows that will live on in the minds of future generations. Unfortunately, one of the show’s stars, Tony Dow, passed away lately.

He died at the age of 77, according to a press announcement from his managers.

He is described as having a beautiful soul, being kind, sympathetic, hilarious, and humble. They talk about how much fun it is to be with him.

Tony Dow began performing at a young age. He grew up in Hollywood, but he wasn’t interested in acting; instead, he was a competitive swimmer.

He went to an audition with his swimming coach and was cast as Wally Cleaver.

On the television show Leave It to Beaver, he played Beaver’s older brother.

He succeeded well in that position, but he was typecast and was never able to break out from it.

“I thought, this isn’t fair,” he stated to CBS Sunday morning. “I’d prefer to do something else.”

“I’d like to do something intriguing. It’s sad to be famous when you’re 12 years old, and then you grow up and become a real person, and nothing happens to you.”

Between the ages of 20 and 40, he experienced bouts of depression. He realized he was in a fantastic play when he was 40, and he was grateful for it.

We are heartbroken to learn of his passing. Unfortunately, he had been battling cancer, but his managers did not announce the cause of his death.