Birth photography captures the raw, unvarnished emotions of a very special occasion. Rarely does a photographer capture a “golden shot,” a one-of-a-kind image that becomes instantly identifiable. And this is exactly what happened at Isabela Jesus’ birth.

A newborn’s typical behaviors include crying, sleeping, eating, and occasionally making faces. However, Isabela Pereira de Jesus was a remarkable exception to this norm. She differentiated herself in a truly uncommon way, demonstrating an extraordinary ability to express herself from the start, unlike most infants.

Rodrigo Kunstmann, the photographer, indicated that the moment lasted only a few seconds and that he had to be incredibly alert to acquire a shot like this. Normally, he records hilarious birth moments, but Isabela’s was the most well-known.

When Rodrigo shared the photo on his Facebook page, it was quickly flooded with charming and creative captions. Many others made jokes about the doctor’s quick delivery or remarked that the kid wasn’t quite ready to be born. As a result, the image instantly spread joy and laughter far and wide.

You may rest easy knowing that both mom and kid are healthy. Isabela, on the other hand, was not the only grumpy child born on this planet. Winter Josephine’s angry expression made both her mother and the internet laugh out loud. In that scenario, the womb might be a more comfortable place to hang around!