Carol Howarth of Haverfordwest, UK, parked her car to go shopping one day, but when she returned, she discovered that hundreds of uninvited guests had assaulted her vehicle.

An entire swarm was resting on the back of her car.

Tom Moses, a local, was taken aback by the scene:

“It was a real spectacle. As I drove there, I noticed a large crowd of people taking photographs. However, I was concerned.”

“I was scared that someone might do something idiotic, like throw hot water on them, because the automobile was just in front of a bar.”

“Everything might go extremely wrong.” So Tom picked up the phone and dialed the number for the beekeepers. They eventually managed to place them all in a box.

Carol, on the other hand, will only have her car for a short time: “The next day I noticed that the bees had followed me home!” It was now her job to contact the beekeepers.

“We think the queen was attracted to something in the car, probably something sweet,” said one of them, Roger Burns.

Then she got entangled somewhere in the car’s plastic. A swarm of about 2,000 bees followed her and congregated on the automobile.

The beekeepers eventually freed the queen, who then returned home.

According to the beekeepers, it is typical for bees to follow their queen, “but it is strange that they followed a car for two days in a row!”