Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were surrounded by fans outside a restaurant in Midtown, New York City. As one fan accidentally made Rita stumble, Hanks told him to “Back the f**k off.”

The couple was leaving the restaurant when the incident occurred. Due to Tom Hanks’ sudden and drastic weight loss, social media was flooded with comments. Some praised Tom for being a protective husband, others disliked his reaction, but most agreed that the actor does not look like himself.

The Incident Was Filmed

On Wednesday, 15 June, after the Elvis premier, Wilson and Hanks had a private celebration. As they were leaving the restaurant, an aggressive fan followed the couple.

The man wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses accidentally barged into Rita from behind.

Rita was pushed and almost lost her footing, and when she found balance, she simply said: “stop it!”

However, Hanks was agitated, so he was not as nice as his wife. He said: “Back the f**k off… knocking over my wife.”

An upset fan told the actor, “come on!” while another apologized as the couple was entering their vehicle.

Online Reactions

Hanks, who plays musician’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, in the Elvis biopic, received various comments online. However, most people sided with him as one person wrote:

“Holy s**t Tom Hanks angry and swearing. that’s gotta be a first.”

Some were sarcastic:

“Imagine having to deal with that s**t, suppose having the millions in the banks makes it easier.”

As Hanks usually has a lovely relationship with his fans, one person concluded:

“You know you f****d up if you get cussed at by Tom Hanks.”

Hanks’ Weight Loss

Tom Hanks’ weight loss caused massive speculations in the past weeks.

The actor was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was on a diet for a role in Castaway. However, many are convinced that there is more to the story, as one person tweeted:

“I’m hoping Tom Hanks is well. I recall he’s diabetic, so perhaps that accounts for the weight loss. His coloring, though, and his posture isn’t great.”

We will not speculate about Hanks’ health, but he is almost 66 years old and has been working for several decades. Maybe the actor is merely a human.

The Forrest Gump star’s son Chet recently opened up about growing up with famous parents.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the 31-one-year-old said it can lead to a lot of “jealousy” and “envy.” He added that people have often formed opinions about him before getting to know him.

Here is the video of the incident: