Since they were made available to the general public, pictures of this Anaconda measuring 7 meters in length have been making their way around the internet and have since gone viral.

Many individuals were captivated and intrigued by them. but the photos’ backstory is much more amazing.

In order to locate and photograph this enormous snake, Mato Grosso organized an expedition. Armed only with a single chamber, he dove into the dangerous waters with Franco Banfi and Daniel De Granville, where they discovered the massive anaconda snake.

But when he finally found the giant he was looking for, he had the experience of a lifetime.

Banfi was fortunate that the anaconda ignored him, especially because the snake had previously consumed a significant number of rats. Banfi defended the snake, claiming that it would not have eaten him in the first place.

The anaconda snake is actually a shy animal, especially near people, according to Granville. These witnesses to the enormous monster claim that an anaconda is just as frightened of a man as a man is of him.

Here are some images from this fascinating adventure: