Oksana Kobeletskaya and Sergei Kobeletskaya were overjoyed because they were expecting a new family member, a brother or sister for their 3-year-old daughter.

However, the doctors gave the woman possibly the most unexpected news of her life when she walked in for one of the routine checkups.

Oksana remembers “Everything was as usual: empty stomach, gel, and sensor. But when she started looking at the screen, the doctor changed her expression, and I was very scared “ – “I remember how she started counting out loud to the girls, saying that for this I should be offered a house on the seaside…”

The ultrasound definitely showed five faces, and the doctor gave the final result. One case in every 55 million occurs when quintuples are born naturally rather than through in vitro fertilization.

And although Oksana struggled to get used to the surprise, the doctors were enthused about their special patient. Most of their coworkers will never witness something like that in their whole lives!

The woman remembers: “I could not understand what was happening to me. I had the impression that I was dreaming and that I would wake up immediately “

It was really challenging for the new parents to embrace this shocking information. The only thing that needed to be changed were all of their future plans. However, they had no intention of breaking promises on such a gift from destiny.

In the 30th week of pregnancy, labor started. Oksana was already welcomed by eight doctors and maternity nurses when she arrived at the hospital. Later, she recalled how gently the surgeons had handled her, much like a crystal vase.

By cesarean section, two girls and three boys were delivered. All five were healthy, in spite of the doctors’ misgivings, even if they initially required special attention.

Naturally, Dariya, Aleksandra, Denis, Vladislav, and David became famous as soon as they were born. Their birth is the only known example in Ukraine.