The woman pierced her little girl’s face and posted a photo on the social network

Being a parent is a real blessing. To see a child grow, develop, learn things, and explore this life is truly satisfying and the joy it brings is immeasurable.

Every parent has their own way of educating their child, teaching them things, and making them understand important aspects of life.

They can use the lessons learned from their parents to evolve in life, to make good choices and correct decisions that will lead them on the best path.

A mother was judged very harshly for a picture posted on her social media page, through which she wanted to send a message, using her little baby girl.

The way the woman chose to convey the message is not correct, in our opinion.

You don’t have to use your baby to send a message, but she goes on the premise that she’s her baby, so it’s her property. her reason is due to her total opposition to circumcision, a practice very common today.

She was threatened by numerous Internet users, receiving messages that she would be denounced at CPS for the treatment she applied to her baby.

Her response to all threats was posted on her Facebook page and looks like this:

“So it appears that yesterday the focus was on how insanse it would be if a parent were to modify & alter their child by forcing them to undergo a facial piercing. People were outraged & rightfully so. Then the photo became the focus, was it real, or was it photoshopped? Then, as the post was shared, people began to realize it was about children’s right to physical integrity.”

Enedina Vance continued, now speaking about the comments she received, considering that this post was shared more than 20,000 times, with opinions and harsh insults from all parts of the world:

“Altering a child’s body simply for aesthetic reasons is wrong, as all the angry posts, comments, & hate mail explained. “You don’t own your child!” “Your baby isn’t a doll you can customize!”

“How could you do that to your child?!!” Stabbing holes in your child is abuse & you don’t deserve to be a parent!”. Well said, I couldn’t agree more, so why are ear piercings & genital cutting so popular? Oh, that’s not the same. Why?”

After all these questions and affirmations about how bad she is with her child, she continues by answering to her own question:

“Today I’m being accused of “parent shaming.” Honestly, my post was meant to shock parents into seeing their children as human beings & to respect them as such.

Every angry person who shared my post did so in an attempt to shine a light on an injustice.

How my poor baby had suffered such a violation that she actually required being rescued.

Yet, that anger, that outrage, that need for justice disappeared the moment they realized everything they had said, about what I “did” to my baby, actually described what they had done to their own child. Of course, that didn’t sit well with some.”

She is somehow right in her vision, but we cannot stand and agree with “my child, my property” affirmation. The entire post is available in a photo attached to this article. Share this with your friends and family!