They felt overwhelmed with joy when they found out that they would become the parents – everything changed at a routine check

Love can be demonstrated in many forms, not just words. A simple “Take care of yourself”, “Are you okay?”, “Did you eat today?” or “I miss you” are formed through which love is manifested, through care and tenderness.

Many people get to understand and love each other after a short period of time, while others need a long time to get to know each other to strengthen the relationship.

For the first situation, there is the well-known phrase “love at first sight”, which applies perfectly for these people that we’re so lucky to find each other in these crowded paths.

A Canadian couple had a soap opera-like experience. Barbara Bienvenue and Paul Servat met at work and after a few dates, they became a couple.

They loved each other very much, they declared their mutual love after only two months and they found out that they would become parents.

But the news was much more syrupy when they found out she was five children pregnant.

The family was very happy for them, but they knew that a long line of sacrifices and efforts awaited them to support such a large family.

The woman went to a few check-ups alone and the doctors told her that everything was going well.

Paul was very happy to know that the babies are healthy and he was counting the days to the moment when he will be able to hold them.

When Barbara was in her eighth month of pregnancy, she went to a check-up with Paul to prepare for the big moment, but they will get totally different news than they expected.

Something that would make Paul’s world turn upside down.

The doctors gave the verdict, saying that the woman is not actually pregnant. There was no baby in her womb.

After several analyzes, they realized that the woman was suffering from a mental illness in which she only claimed to be pregnant, having symptoms similar to those of a pregnant woman.

A relative of hers told Paul that this was not the first time she had done so.

A former partner went through the same cruel scenario, he was fed false hopes and eventually found out that the woman had lied.

Eventually, Barbara was admitted to a mental hospital where she received specialized care. Share this article with your loved ones!