Saying goodbye to a loved one forever can be an indescribable experience, and the pain you feel doubles if you are a child.

This is the case of Sierra, a teenager who lost her father in an exchange of gunfire, working as a local policeman.

The girl did not forget her father for a moment and always visited his grave. For 4 years she left flowers and letters at the grave, where she told him all her feelings.

Sierra’s father died in 2013, in a violent way, doing his job.

During his service, the officer had heard the screams of a woman in this house and ran to see what was happening, to help her.

Unfortunately, he received numerous bullets. However, his death saved the lives of the woman and her children.

The state of Indianapolis, USA, decorated him posthumously as a hero.

Four years later, his daughter graduated from high school and after the ceremony, she went to her father’s grave, together with her boyfriend, to take a picture there in honor of that day.

The girl’s boyfriend thought it was a good idea, so he told the girl’s mother, who is also a police officer, and she called her co-workers and they decided to prepare a big surprise for Sierra.

When they reached the grave and saw the entire police force at her father’s grave, Sierra burst into tears of emotion and they all took a picture in honor of the unforgettable moment.