For everything that they do for the students, teachers don’t always get the credit they deserve. Being one is an honor, but not all people participating in the educational process are good at motivating young minds to realize their full potential.

After failing a math test, 7-year-old Kamdyn Piland was publicly humiliated by his teacher.

She noted on his paper, finding it “sad” and “extremely pathetic,”. Yes, she scribbled these lines along with a dejected look on Kamdyn’s paper.

When Chris, his father, saw the exam, he was furious. He struggled to understand how those comments could possibly inspire his kid to do better the next time. The boy’s self-confidence suffered after learning that his effort was judged as pathetic. Chris could only say, “I’m sorry you’re feeling this way,” while speaking to the offending teacher.

Chris posted his son’s exam on Facebook along with the following statement: “My son Kamdyn’s teacher has been so rude to him and me all year. He comes home with this and I am beyond furious that someone would put this on a child’s work with good motivation.”

Adorable Kamdyn said, “She made me very sad and unhappy. I was really furious. And it was done intentionally.”

The way the teacher treated Kamdyn angered the public to the point where they started a petition asking that she be fired. The number of petition signers exceeds 20,000. Others, however, argue that while they disagree with what she did, losing her employment due to a test comment would be extreme.

After the incident, Chris decided to pull Kamdyn out of her class since he wasn’t sure how or if the school had handled the problem.

According to Chris, “maybe it will now be addressed seriously and it will prevent it from occurring to future teachers and students.”

We have faith that Kamdyn will thrive and get better every day with the right amount of help and support from his new instructor.