Kentucky’s Kevin Duke was ecstatic to be able to give his daughter her first car. He ended up purchasing a lovely vintage automobile since he wanted to make sure she had the best car available. He was unaware that it wasn’t just “a vehicle,” though. It concealed a truth that broke his heart.

Kevin took the car out for a test drive and gave it a thorough inspection inside and out because his daughter was just a few weeks away from getting her license. He also checked the glove box, but he didn’t notice there was a letter inside until he touched a little rubber pad. It was marked “Important Info Inside” and was sent to the new owner.

This father had no way of anticipating what he would see on that piece of paper.

To let his friends know about the bizarre experience, Kevin posted about it on Facebook.

I opened this storage compartment on top of the dash yesterday as I was messing around with it (I’ve previously opened it half a dozen times). This time, for some reason, I notice a rubber pad at the bottom of it and take it out. To my great surprise, I discover this letter. I won’t lie; I shed a little amount of tears.”

Even better, he snapped a photo of the letter. He was obviously brought to tears by it since everyone who read it also shed tears.

“I only wanted to let the recipient of this automobile know what a fantastic car you’ve chosen for them. This car was owned by my mum. On February 25, 2015, she, my 6-year-old daughter, and my aunt were killed in a home fire. On the day she left us, my mother took this automobile for its final ride. My daughter and I went out to shop and have our hair cut.”

The letter’s author loved the automobile much, but she was forced to sell it.

“This automobile has a lot of special memories for me,” the letter said. Everything in my house is gone, and all I could do was reach out and touch this automobile. A mistake in the paperwork prevented the insurance company from paying off the car. It hurts a lot since I lost my home, my family, and now, without my fault, I’m losing this final connection I have to my mother and kid.”

The automobile was a testimony to the happiness and wonderful experiences the previous owner and her family had experienced on their unforgettable adventures. It served as a testimony to both their happiness and unique moments in time.

“I’m not mad with you,  I sincerely hope you appreciate this car as much as I do. I’m hoping for another 100 years of it. I’m hoping there are lots of kids, toys, and other things in the backseat. My family packed this car full of love and other sticky things. We had long road trips with the windows down, blasting country and 80s music. I have changed more diapers in the backseat than I can count. There must be a crayon or sucker stick from my kid lying there someplace. Possibly a whole chicken nugget. HA!”

Although the automobile itself wasn’t particularly good, the woman who sent the letter was moved by its importance.

I’m not sure whether you’ll notice, however the dashboard can be dusty in a certain location. She would consistently put her feet on the driveway while my child and I would sit there and act like we were going on adventures. A few months before she passed away, my daughter learned to ride a bike and crashed it, leaving a damage in the passenger side door and the rear driver’s side fender.

“I know it’s only a car to you, but to me it means so much more,” the speaker said. This automobile encountered adventures. There was romance, humor, and adventure in this automobile. Remember that it’s more than just an automobile now that it is yours. It is only a memory. The last piece of my family’s puzzle is this automobile, with all of its faults. Show it some respect. Give it a country song feel. The song Big Green Tractor, or maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird, was my daughter’s favorite. That song meant a lot to us, so I played it at their funerals.

You are surrounded by angels. My protector angels. They would likely be curious to see you in this automobile and hear about any new adventures you had if you wanted to chat to them. She goes by Sylvia, by the way. We all drove about in the car after my daughter suggested we call it Sylvia’s Mother after Dr. Hook’s Sylvia’s Mother was broadcast on the radio the same day mum bought it. Don’t call her anything else, please.”

“If you ever want to sell Sylvia, please give me a call.  I just paid for three funerals, so I can’t currently afford to buy it, but perhaps later if you decide she’s no longer the perfect one for you, I’ll be in a better financial situation. Live and love like we did, be happy, and be fortunate. Best wishes to you and Sylvia!”

The hardships that we all encounter specifically throughout our lives were discussed in this story, which moved many people’s hearts.