Joseph Villasenor’s parents, Raymond and Rachel, were compelled to say goodbye to him too soon. He was a US Air Force sergeant who passed away at the age of 36.

Before he passed away in 2010, Joseph worked for his nation for 16 years. When his parents went to visit his burial, however, they found that only the grass was green; all the other graves were dry and utterly brown. They thought it was a genuine miracle since they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

When he noticed a woman in tears, 86-year-old Jake Reissig, who had recently lost his wife, would occasionally bring flowers to the cemetery. As Jake tried to soothe her, she expressed her sadness about her brother’s premature.

Jake made a commitment to help Joseph after leaving the graveyard. As a result, each day when he visited Joseph’s grave, he would water both graves.

When his parents learned the cause, they were only able to give the elderly man a heartfelt hug in appreciation for his amazing deed.