In addition to being the husband of Gena Norris, 81-year-old Chuck Norris is also his closest friend, confidant, and most passionate supporter.

The respected actor made a sacrifice that few in his profession would make after an unfortunate tragedy that radically changed their lives: he gave up his Hollywood career in order to be with his love.

The actor has been happily married for more than 20 years, and he and his wife are the proud parents of two daughters. Chuck Norris showed an extraordinary amount of devotion by dedicating his life to his wife. 2013 would see them suffer a fatal blow from fate.

After an MRI caused Gena Norris to become seriously ill, Chuck made the decision to put everything else on hold and focus only on taking care of her. The actor, who also serves as his partner’s primary caregiver because of their unshakable love, has decided to fight for her in court.

The “Texas Ranger” actor talked about how his family’s life was completely ruined after his wife received a regular injection in 2013 before having an MRI for rheumatoid arthritis. Renal problems and agonizing neuralgia were among the serious adverse effects.

Chuck Norris claims that an MRI caused his wife’s health to deteriorate, specifically because of intoxication from the contrast substance used in the procedure. During an interview, the 54-year-old woman’s story of what happened that day was as follows:

“I felt my entire body burn a few hours after the injection as if some form of acid had flowed through my veins. The burning sensation was isolated at first, but it gradually spread. I was in terrible pain. I had serious kidney problems that kept me in a hospital bed for five months and necessitated ongoing medical care. Chuck begged me to live so we could raise our kids while he dozed off next to me on the hospital couch.”

“I quit my work so I could spend more time with Gena. My only goal right now is to save my wife. Nothing is more important to me, so I’ve never looked back on my choice,” the actor said in 2017.

The therapy they received cost a lot of money.

According to reports, Chuck Norris and his wife spent more than $ 2 million on treatment. The situation was made worse by the fact that it took medical professionals a while to determine Chuck Norris’ wife’s condition.

The medical staff performed a number of tests and laboratory studies to validate their fears that the patient had a malignant condition. According to one version of the diagnosis, her symptoms were subsequently connected to Parkinson’s illness.

After treatment, she had counseling, but none of them were successful. The actor and his wife then attempted to determine what might have caused the symptoms themselves.

Gadolinium, a heavy metal that is a component of the contrast agent used before an MRI, was found to be the main contributor to the illness, according to their findings. After that, they received certified proof of gadolinium toxicity from numerous Nevada experts.

“The result was absurd and unfair. I had a great life and was in great health until I got sick. “I was exercising regularly and maintaining a good diet, and then it was all over. I’m fighting for my life and experiencing excruciating physical pain.”

Chuck Norris made a decision to repent for his wrongdoing by figuring out what had happened to his wife and, more importantly, who was to blame. The well-known actress claimed that the chemicals employed in the MRI technology were to blame for Gena’s illness and sued several medical companies, most notably the Italian giant Bracco.

The family sued the companies in 2017 for more than $10 million, alleging that they should have forewarned patients about potential risks and issues.

“What happened to Gena cannot be changed. We’ve been fighting together for the past few years, and now we want to stop this from happening to other victims.”

The two spouses decided to drop the case against Bracco in January 2020. According to, the dispute was resolved out of court, with each party agreeing to cover its own expenses.