The paths to love are confusing! We can understand Ana’s misfortune following a heated argument with her husband, with whom she should have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, for better or worse.

Any partner, though, might occasionally be inclined to draw hasty conclusions. The woman went into great detail on how her life was significantly changed at the same time as she experienced the shock of her life!

The most shocking event in Ana’s life occurred in this manner. The young woman’s life began to drastically change at this point.

“That specific day was our fifth birthday. That evening, following a heated fight with my husband, I decided to leave the house. I had intended to see a movie alone, but I changed my mind. I soon went to my sister. I walked through the door and was surprised.”  The dramatic description of Ana’s experience begins, “Then I found out everything, and my life took a different turn.”

“David and I started to argue word for word, something we had never done before. We were both fiercely committed to demonstrating that this was no longer the case.”

“The biggest source of disagreement was David’s wish to stay at home and watch TV, despite the fact that we were celebrating five years of marriage. He was a devoted football fan, yet I find it hard to imagine that on that specific day he couldn’t resist this want.”

“What my ears were hearing was unbelievable. We had celebrated our first year of marriage by giving birth to our son, Ionut, at the hospital. Since then, we’ve been having parties at home. It’s true that at one point the anniversary was celebrated with guests. I was now looking forward to the pleasure of having a romantic dinner at a restaurant with my husband. In my dreams, I saw myself reflected in champagne glasses and felt how the song’s slow beat carried us. David argued that we were in the third week of the month, when our funds were quickly running out, and that we were looking forward to the next month’s salary because we didn’t have enough money to pay for the special occasion in town. Since I was aware that David always maintained a reserve amount on hand, that seemed like a joke explanation to me.”

“‘If it’s about money, why don’t we use the reserve funds?’  I asked with a loud voice. Isn’t that a good enough reason to go with your cash?

Ana, it’s not possible! There is no emergency on the anniversary! He sternly cautioned me, “Don’t go insane.” What more do you need? I made you a gift as well.

Yes, he had bought me a nightgown as a gift, and I had baked him a chocolate cake and his favorite dish. So that the two of us may go out for the evening. David looked at me as if I were speaking a foreign language to him.”

  • Let’s walk! And that’s exactly what I want to do today! This is how a typical couple celebrates their special nights. I want to go dancing with you and have fun!

But David stuck with his position, which annoyed me.

  • Ana, you just know that I’ve already exceeded my budget and would have needed to take out a loan for such an evening. We simply cannot afford it, you know. Money was David’s most prized asset. Be sure to factor in every step, down to the final cent. But this time, I find it intolerable to hear him make such claims. I made every effort to convince him, but he refused.
  • Do you want to run out of money and not be able to buy bread?

We can’t survive on bread alone, I said. We also require food.

He responded angrily, “You’re right, but for now, bread is our priority. In addition, a significant match will be broadcast on television in two hours.

I whispered, “You have no idea how much I’m hurting.”

David got up from the dining room table. He hadn’t eaten all of his cake or shown gratitude for the wonderful lunch I had made. I joined him in an armchair in the living room after following him thereI approached him and insisted, but it seems that he was more concerned with the newspaper that he had overlooked that day than with me. I started talking to him and told him everything that was on my mind. I told him that every couple needs times like these and that every now and then, I’d want to do something special, something out of the ordinary.

I had an unspoken desire for David to resemble my brother-in-law, Adrian. Adi was the sort of man you wouldn’t anticipate staying home on their anniversary. He put a lot of effort into his career, but he also knew how to have fun.

David responded sarcastically at one point while still reading his newspaper:

  • Although your speech is impressive, don’t waste your time on it…

That went too far. I asked him if he wanted to see a movie even though I was crying. David glanced at me briefly and then said:

  • It would seem that you didn’t understand what I was trying to say. I spoke for nothing at the table.
  • All right, I’ll go alone. Today, I wished we could go somewhere together. You’re heartless.
  • Why don’t you watch the game with me? If not, I have something brand-new particularly for you!

Hearing his reply made me go nuts, so I chose to go along with him. He did not try to stop me as I was about to go. I said something he would find annoying as I made my way to the door:

  • The next time I get married, I’ll make it in the first half of the month, so I can have anniversaries!
  • That’s a fantastic idea; I’ll keep it in mind! With a sarcastic smirk on his face, he said.

I slammed the front door shut as Ionut started to scream, startled by the loud noise. That’s all you’ll need, David! Let me see how you look at the match now, I told myself as I walked down the stairs.

As I made my way to the cinema, I became upset, wondering what had become of our relationship, his kind gestures, and his concern for me. What was going on with everything? How could love fade away and go unnoticed? He was a worn-out husband who preferred to watch football on TV while lying on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table.  I had transitioned into being a stay-at-home mom, taking care of the child. My younger sister Maia and the life she led with Adi were on my mind. It makes me think of the life David gave me.

I took a peek at the week’s movie poster when I arrived at the theater entrance and made the decision not to enter. In a split second, I decided to visit my sister. I had to talk to someone I could trust and have my voice heard. Without thinking, I boarded the bus that would take me to Maia’s house. She’d understand what I’m saying…

As I approached the stairs of the block where she lived, I briefly worried that I would not find her at home. But fortunately, she was. Despite looking exhausted, Maia greeted me with a smile. Adi was enjoying a magazine while relaxing in an armchair. She welcomed me with open arms. There was a weight in the air inside the home.

  • If I annoy you…
  • Ana, quite the reverse! Adi gave an answer to my question. I just wanted to go out because my wife doesn’t want to go with me. Girls, you tripped over each other to get a cup of coffee.

Maia was tense, and her fake smile was forced. I assumed that something had happened between them. I had just entered into an argument that they were probably having.

Adi called out “Bye!” and turned to leave. H e had left us alone, which allowed me and my sister to talk openly. It might help me decide how I want to proceed with my life, especially with regard to getting married. Coffee was being brewed by Maia. My attention was drawn to her new outfit, which complemented the wonderful slippers she was wearing. 

I said, “It’s odd that I showed here like this without letting you know, Maya.”

However, she stopped me before I could finish:

  • I’m so glad you came, you have no idea! I needed you during these difficult times.

She said something that left me stunned. If such have been the case, what might have happened between her and Adi? What caused her such distress? She wasn’t the kind to cause trouble, I knew that. She looks nervous, pale, and worn out. The idea that Adi may cheat on her horrified me.

  • Maia, I’m not sure what to say if Adi is seeing someone else…

Maia let out a loud laugh.

  • Is there a second woman here? This is not true. If it were me, I’d know how to handle it, but what’s happening to me right now is incomprehensible.

All of a sudden, she started crying. She broke down on the couch and begged me for help, claiming she was in a desperate situation and had no idea what to do.

  • What happened? Tell me, please!

For us, it is a way of life. That’s the reason, Maia said in response. Adi prefers it that way, so we constantly attend parties, spend time with people we don’t care about, and throw everything out the window. It forces me to lead a busy, demanding life that I can no longer maintain!

  • Maia, what do you mean specifically? Look in the mirror! You’re wearing a brand-new, magnificent outfit, which is a sign that Adi is taking extra care to thank you, and you have a stunning apartment that you furnished yourself. Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re saying.

And you think that’s enough for a great marriage? You have no clue how frequently I made maintenance payments late! So far, we’ve been able to complete it almost every day. What happens, though, if we run out of options? Do you mean the way I look? Do you realize that Adi paid a large sum for that? With this money, I was able to make on-time utility payments!

I wasn’t sure why she was so unhappy, though.

How can you be upset when Adi wants you to feel attractive, joyful, and appreciated?

She said, “You don’t understand,” while crying. I admire him, Ana! I know he loves me just as much as I love him. On the other hand, I find his irresponsibility irritating. It’s like being a teenager who only cares about having a good time! Do you know where he’s going to be tonight? He’s going at a party again.