Dannie Mountford, 18, from the West Midlands, was 36 weeks and two days pregnant when her waters burst on the dance floor while she and her new husband were dancing.

Despite the fact that they had only had six weeks to organize the wedding, Dannie and her husband Carl were certain that their daughter wouldn’t be born until January.

On the night of their wedding, December 18, Dannie was still wearing her dress when her waters broke while dancing with her new husband.

After being taken to the hospital, Dannie gave birth to baby Jasmine the following morning.

In the same breath as dancing with my brand-new husband, Dannie said, “I was giving birth to my beautiful child.”

“It was a huge surprise, but it has made our wedding day memories even better and will make them even better in the future.”

“While dancing, I noticed something dripping down my leg. When it didn’t stop, I went over to my mother, who helped me to the bathroom.”

“While I was in the bathroom, all of the wedding guests came in to check on me, and someone called a cab to take me to the hospital.”

“I didn’t take off my wedding dress until I was in the delivery room. It was drenched since my waters had broken on it.”

Dannie and Carl, who are both 18, arranged their wedding in just six weeks with the intention of getting married in the legal sense before having a child.

However, the early arrival of baby Jasmine ended their happy day.

Full-time mother and employee Dannie continued, “We left the reception around 10.30 p.m. to go to the hospital, but a few family members stayed for the rest of the party.”

“The DJ was still spinning when I left, and people were still finishing their drinks. The cake hadn’t even been sliced yet!”

“Fortunately, Carl hadn’t drank much at the reception and had remained completely sober.”

“He was quite anxious when I went into labor, but he was amazing during the birth because he calmed down.”

When Dannie arrived at the hospital, she had been in labor for nearly six hours.

Being surprised by Jasmine’s presence, Dannie’s husband and mother came along with her in good health.

Jasmine is doing wonderfully and was the perfect wedding present, according to Dannie, despite only weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and arriving nearly a month early.

It also meant that everyone in our family and friends was the first to learn, which was amazing.

“Since then, everything has been a whirlwind because it was so unexpected, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”