The woman in the picture below undoubtedly won’t ever forget what she went through.

Veronica worked as a caregiver for the defenseless. She had had a really terrible couple of years!

Although she had battled cancer, she never complained and never missed a day of work.

But she was virtually always late for work, and his manager once admonished her not to repeat the mistake.

Veronica apologied and explained that she was late since she didn’t have a car.

The boss asked her to go out with her the following day so they could talk. The woman had broken down in tears and was contemplating the worst-case scenario: getting fired.

However, she was taken aback when her employer told her to turn away:

The man had bought her a car, and it was waiting for her.

“I know it was difficult for you; hopefully this small present from me will be of assistance. I want you to know how much I appreciate you.”