The father did something incredible for his daughter, something that saved her life, but now they put him in jail for it!

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The story between Adam Koessler and his daughter, Rumer Rose Maujean, is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever heard, and I am very sorry that it has been tainted by the law. Here’s what happened.

The Australian family was brutally beaten when their daughter, Rumer, contracted cancer.

The father, desperate, was looking for anything that could help his daughter, in this way he came across the miracles he performed for cancer patients with cannabis oil.

So the father administered this oil to his daughter in the last year.

Cannabis oil is, of course, a much more concentrated form of marijuana, and its medicinal applications are a source of heated and ongoing debate.

Despite the arguments against this idea, the father decided to use his daughter anyway, he was desperate and determined to try anything.

Here is what the man told the press: “It was almost miraculous, her little body was alive again – Rumer’s quality of life increased instantly. He was telling me: Daddy, my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, and he could eat very well again, that’s how he started to gain weight again ”.

Although in many parts of the world the oil can be used for medicinal purposes, in Australia it is illegal.

For this reason, the father was forbidden to see his child and was arrested for a short time.

It took a petition of 160,000 signatures for this to become possible again and for the accusations against him to disappear.

In the end, the father broke the law and went to see his daughter at the hospital.

Unfortunately, his daughter died at the hospital, but the father was fortunate enough to see her one last time.

Here is a heartbreaking picture of the two of them in the hospital, shortly after the girl breathed her last:


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