Girl with severe burns after 3 months from birth meets the person that changed her life after 4 decades – the reunion will make your heart melt

Birth of a baby is one of the most unique feelings in a lifetime.

The doctors are making miracles there giving their 110% to save lives but they are not the only heroes out there.

Let’s think about the nurses too, because they are so kind and good at caring for people and sometimes people forget about their huge efforts while they make a huge difference in the world.

Amanda Scarpinati was so lucky to have a wonderful person, a nurse, by her side in one of the worst times of her life. Read till the end, we guarantee that you will be amazed.

Shortly after birth, at just 3-months-old, Amanda Scarpinati had a terrible accident that left her with severe third-degree burns on the majority of her body.

As she was growing up, people were looking after their shoulders when she was passing by and some of them also used bad words, commenting about her marks.

But something gave her the strength to move on. Someone, actually. The nurse who took good care of her, a complete stranger who loved her even if she didn’t know her at all.

When people were bad to her and laugh about her looks, she would look at the old pictures with the woman holding her in her arms, just like a loving mother.

“I’d look at those pictures and talk to her, even though I didn’t know who she was. I took comfort looking at this woman who seemed so sincere caring for me.”

The old photographs of her as a tiny baby as she is protected by that woman gave her the power to continue and keep her head up.

One day, after 38 years she decided to start searching for that nurse and thank her personally for the treatment and valuable lesson she gave her.

She posted the photos online, on her Facebook account and captioned the post with some beautiful words:

“Maybe now with the power of social media, someone will recognize her. These photos are from 1977. I would love to know her name and possibly get a chance to talk with her and meet her. Please share as you never know who it would reach!”, Amanda said.

The post became viral and to her amazement, someone really recognized the nurse in the pictures and claimed that she was her colleague at some point.

Amanda fount out her name, it was Suzy Berger and soon enough she contacted her and arranged a meeting at the last place they met, Albany hospital in New York.

The reunion was completely speechless. A long hug with a burst of tears from both sides.

Even if Amanda was looking totally different and the scars were no longer visible due to many esthetic surgeries, Suzy felt the touch of that baby that was so quiet in her arms, even if she was in big pain.

They spoke a lot and Amanda thanked her:

“You can’t imagine how much you helped me in life, even if you weren’t there!”

What a beautiful story! Make sure you share it with your loved ones and spread some positivity in the world!