Sergent Lewis had no clue she would save a life last week while she was on her way to work. But in fact, she actually did that.

Lewis, who teaches at a Kentucky elementary school, decided to take a backroad on Thursday morning since she was a little behind schedule. Lewis observed something strikingly different there on that peaceful country road, despite the fact that she was rushing.

“Did I just see that trash bag move, I wondered when I saw it lying in the middle of the road? I approached closer and saw that it was moving, I had a hard time processing that. I immediately felt there was something alive in that sack and I wanted to get it out.”

The caged animal can be seen staggering towards Lewis’ direction as her car draws near.

Lewis was wary when approaching the bag since he wasn’t sure whether there was a dangerous animal inside. She continued to provide support, nevertheless.

It was tied up in a knot, so I carefully tore open a corner and peeked inside the bag, she said. She found a puppy. He was undoubtedly pleased to see me. As soon as I opened it and let some light in, he started wagging his tail.

He understood that everything was OK. It was difficult for me to accept someone would do that.

Lewis took the decision to take the puppy with her despite the fact that it had a collar but no tag to show where he had originated from. (Considering that she was still behind schedule.)

I just put him in my lap and drove to school, she said. “I couldn’t simply leave him in the car, so I took him in. When the principal saw me, she said, “You have a dog.” I responded, “It’s a long story.”

For protection, Lewis urged her son to pick up the dog and bring him inside their home. They eventually brought him to the doctor to make sure he was actually okay after that inconceivable act of cruelty.

She said, “We got him his vaccinations. He seems happy and in good health.”

Nobody knows for sure if the dog was left behind by its owner or if someone else may have taken it and put it there after stealing him.

Lewis claims that although investigators are looking into the matter, she is convinced that it was done intentionally and that the dog would have most likely died if she hadn’t been fortunate enough to notice him in time.

“Who could subject any animal to such treatment? Regardless of who you are, everyone adores puppies “She spoke. “To throw an animal, regardless of species, in a rubbish bag and leave it by the side of the road is just heartless. They did that with extremely ill intentions.”

Fortunately, the puppy was able to find the proper person to help him throughout his whole life, not only during that trying time.

Even though it has only been a few days, Lewis and her family have already developed a relationship with the little dog that she saved. Hefty, his name, gives away the circumstances of his accidental finding.

Things are getting better for him now.

There is a good chance that no one will ever come forward to claim Hefty, therefore Lewis and her family have decided to give him a permanent home.

The puppy is adored by everyone, said Lewis, who continued, “With us, he will be treasured and live in a happy environment. Simply said, I’m thankful that I was able to save him at the right moment and location.”