Even before being married, Brad and Liz knew their life together would be amazing. They had everything they could ever want.

They had the same aspirations, values, and life objectives.

Unfortunately, a tragic event occurred three months just before they were heading down the aisle, altering their lives forever.

The front left tire of the automobile that Brad and Liz were traveling in with their three boys burst.

The automobile swerved off the road and flipped as a result of their loss of control.

Fortunately, Brad suffered a fractured leg while the other three kids just suffered minor scrapes. However, the scenario proved disastrous for Liz, who shattered her back and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Brad, a combat veteran, has witnessed horrific tragedies in the past, but he was unprepared to watch his own wife suffer such severe injuries.

Liz, a strong lady, found the change to her new life in a wheelchair exceedingly difficult, especially because hiking was one of the family’s great passions.

Brad came up with a strategy to assist her in once more traversing the most difficult terrain since he didn’t want her to feel left behind or unable to pursue her love.

He remained locked up in the garage for three months, tried and failed, but in the end, his tenacity paid off.

He created an all-terrain cart that resembled a tank.

Liz finally made it into the garage where she discovered the wonderful surprise her husband had planned for her.

She was incredibly amazed and thrilled.

Brad started developing these tools for the injured troops on the front lines after seeing how helpful this tank seat is for his wife!

What a big-hearted man he is! His story should be heard by everybody. You have nothing to lose by sharing this act of kindness!