With 7 brothers and sisters, 8-year-old Vanessa is the Vega family’s youngest child.

Her father, Jose “Gil” Vega, died in the line of duty a few weeks before the start of the school year.

Vanessa had no one to drive her to school on the first day since her father was gone. She lives in Palm Springs, and the local police did not want the girl to be sad on her first day, so they all agreed to take her to school by themselves.

The officers wanted to bring Vanessa to school so that she wouldn’t be depressed, according to Sergeant William Hutchinson.

The girl was escorted to school by more than 12 police officers, demonstrating to her that she had more than 12 uncles who are willing to support and assist her.

Vanessa, who is in the fourth grade, was taken from her house by the police and drove her to school. Additionally, William Hutchinson said:

“It’s a very tragic time for her. We can’t ignore it. From now on, he has a whole new family on which to rely ”.

The youngest member of the Vega family, Vanessa, said during the funeral that her father, a police officer, taught her everything she knows.

This video clip captures the amazing event and the girl’s response: