Divorce complicates everything, especially when children are involved. Things get more difficult when one partner rekindles their romance. For instance, things get extremely problematic when the husband’s new wife is a little younger.

Jennifer, a young woman, was preparing for her wedding but was aware that her parents’ divorce would make things more difficult.

Recently, her father married a woman who is about her age. And to make matters worse, her new stepmother planned to complicate things for her.

Jennifer’s mother is capable, it turns out. We need to hear her hilarious story of how she got her revenge.

Nothing could tamp down Jennifer’s excitement as her wedding day approached. Even though her parents’ divorce frequently caused her worry, she put everything behind her on the big day.

Her mother wore a beautiful outfit to her daughter’s wedding. Actually, there weren’t any hiccups at all.

A week later, Jennifer was surprised to learn that her father’s wife, who is 25 years old, had bought the same dress as her mother.

Jennifer asked her stepmom to give the dress back because it was clear that she didn’t want it. The brand-new wife decided against getting a new dress.

“No way!” She responded, “I’m wearing this outfit because I think I look wonderful in it. Your mother needs to make changes.”

Knowing that her mother would be upset, Jennifer told her. Jennifer was taken aback by her mother’s reaction, which was free of anger.

“Dear, don’t be terrified. I’ll simply look for new clothing. “It’s your special day, and I won’t let this get in the way,” her mother replied.

They looked for another dress that was equally beautiful. Just before the store closed, her mother found the appropriate new clothing.

After buying the outfit, the two went out to dinner.

“When do you think you’ll return the other dress?,” Jennifer asked her mom. You don’t really have a valid reason to wear it any time soon. Her mother responded, “Of course I do! I’m going to wear it to the rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding.”

What a sweet response! The stepmother probably had a lesson to learn.