In order to update her fans on her health, Cher turned to Twitter, where she startled them by revealing that she was crying.

The 76-year-old celebrity posted the following message on social media to her followers: ” Oh people, I’m in dental agony,” and then there are two crying emojis. “I guess I need work. It suggests a great deal of discomfort right now, but I’m going to overcome it by pulling up my big girl G-string. Before I can be tough about it, I must first” [cry emoji].

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but considering that we’re all friends, I feel like I should,” Cher said, explaining why she had initially intended to keep her fans in the dark about her health. With friends, everything is shared. I’m going to have to start crying right now.

Fans of the musician quickly expressed their sympathy to her, writing notes that included the phrases “Get well, sending love and hugs” and “Hope you feel well soon honey.”

Just a week before, Cher used the word “sick” to warn her fans in a different Twitter tweet. “I am sick. I am a gigantic [baby emoji], crying.”

“My friend stopped by and sat down on my bed. I miss my mum,” she continued, before going on to tell that, when she went to Islamabad in 2021 to save the abused elephant Kavaan, everyone else had caught Covid.

In her final statement, she acknowledged that her dyslexia frequently makes it difficult for her to decide how to phrase her tweets, and she added: “I apologize for any grammatical errors and for any confusion caused. Dyslexia is constantly present and ready to show its ugly face at any time.”

“Thoughts emerge at a breathtaking pace, yet arranging and rearranging things takes time and effort.”