A young woman from Oregon named Tiffany Urban witnessed something that should never be seen by a child. Her mother was mistreated by her abusive boyfriend.

Tiffany was afraid for the life of her mother and knew she had to act quickly if she wanted to stop something terrible from happening. She then had an amazing idea and hoped it would work. She picked up the phone and dialed 911 while pretending to be ordering pizza.

She called 911 to get a pizza, the dispatcher stated, telling her that she had the wrong number.

“Absolutely not. You don’t understand,” the young woman said. She gave her address and phone number after that.

At this point, the dispatcher sensed something wasn’t right. Since he was trained to spot when something harmful was happening, he sent police to Tiffany’s address.

Unfortunately, her mother had been severely beaten by her boyfriend before. He continued to strike her repeatedly and had no intention of stopping. However, if Tiffany hadn’t taken prompt action, events might have taken a disastrous turn.

Police detained the violent partner and took him into custody.

The good news was that this dispatcher had specialized training to handle such emergency calls, unlike most of them. Most of them don’t receive any kind of training at all.

We hope the state will reconsider its stance and start offering the essential training for 911 dispatchers.

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