Although there was no identity paper in the wallet that a man from the USA discovered on the street, there was a sizable quantity of cash inside.

A tiny letter in the wallet also had the sender’s name on it, although it was difficult to make it out.

Reading the letter, he discovered that it was written in 1954 and that it was quite emotional.

“Hello, Michael My mother forbade us from reuniting. Please forgive me! You need to understand that I adore you and always will.” On the note was written, “Anna.”

The person who discovered the wallet made the decision to seek out the person who had written the letter, but since he lacked an address, he was forced to call the post office to get the phone number instead.

He discovered that he was actually speaking to Anna’s daughter when he contacted that number and asked about her, and that Anna had been transported to a nursing facility.

When the man visited Anna at the asylum and was given permission to do so, she enthusiastically identified the man as Michael Goldstein and revealed that she had written the letter to him when she was 16 years old.

Additionally, Anna urged the person who found her wallet to let Michael know that she had never been married and that she had been in love with him her entire life if she could locate him.

The man learned that Michael, who lived on the other side of the asylum, was known to the gatekeeper as he was leaving the asylum.

The man and the guard went to Michael and informed him that Anna had also been found in addition to his wallet.

After being moved to tears, the elderly guy revealed to them that he had not been married all this time because he had been in love with Anna all along.

These lifelong lovers married after just three weeks, completing the forbidden passion that had existed between them in their youth.