This is the story of Sierra, a kid who lost her father in a gunfight while he was working as a local cop. The child often paid a visit to her father’s grave since she never forgot him. She wrote him heartfelt messages and laid flowers at his tomb for four years.

In 2013, Sierra’s father passed away violently while doing his duty. The officer had heard a woman screaming inside of a residence during his shift and had rushed to find out what was wrong and help her.

He unfortunately took a lot of shots. However, the wife and her children were saved by his death. Posthumously, the American state of Indianapolis recognized him as a hero.

Four years later, his daughter graduated from high school, and following the ceremony, she and her boyfriend visited her father’s grave to take a photo in memory of the occasion.

The girl’s mother, who is also a police officer, was informed by the girl’s boyfriend that he felt it was a wonderful idea. She then called her coworkers, and they agreed to plan a great surprise for Sierra.

Sierra cried inconsolably when they approached her father’s grave and found the whole police force there, and they all posed for a photo to commemorate the priceless occasion.