Russian citizen Andrei Kudreavtzev, aged 31, is from Omsk. He rose to fame in his village as a result of raising his six children by himself when his wife passed away.

After local media published the story about Andrei and his wife’s tragic passing, he began getting hundreds of messages, mostly from ladies who volunteered to live with him and help him.

However, he generally realized after meeting them that they weren’t prepared for his complex family.

But one day he got a letter from Liuda, who would eventually become his wife. Andrei thought the woman’s letter was excellent, so they scheduled a date. All of Andrei’s children went to the meeting with him.

Liuda loved the man from the start, and his children were won over by her generosity. She is wonderful at heart! At one point while his daughters were fussing over who would be next in Liuda’s arms, one of the boys said, “We have to take her.”

The lady, who also had a kid from a prior marriage, admitted she had a dream. She had a dream that she would have seven children, and the next morning she saw the article about Andrei.

“First I wrote to Andrei just to support him morally. Then I don’t know how things started to develop in the direction of a relationship. I have always been successful with men, but I have not had the opportunity to meet a strong man whom I can fully trust. But Andrei was just like that! ”

They worked in a facility for recovering drug addicts, and when one of the patients passed away leaving two children behind, they were the ones who took care of them. This is only the beginning of their incredible journey.

“Andrei and I knew that no one needs these children, and raising seven or nine children is not a big difference. It is said that it is harder to raise one child than many. That’s how it is!”

The money in the extended family is constantly tight, despite the fact that the family operates a small business; the worst time is when the kids start a new school year.

“The children I adopted did not have any legacy,” the adoptive mother says. Even worse, they needed clothes. They adore every treat and have never seen anything beautiful. Even when they play, they do it quietly. ”