Christina Ozturk, who was born in Moscow, and her Turkish husband Ghalip Ozturk, live in Georgia. She is now raising 11 kids. The 23-year-old claims that she desires to have at least 100 kids.

“I now have 11 children, including Olivia, who was born late last month, who is the youngest. My own oldest daughter, Vika, was born six years ago.” The other children, according to Christina, are genetically their own but were conceived by surrogate moms.

The huge family lives in Georgia, where using surrogate moms is permitted.

Cristina clarified: “I don’t know how many children we will have, but we certainly don’t plan this. Despite the fact that the pair has already said on social media that they aim to raise more than 100 children—she even mentioned 105—they don’t know how many children they will have. We are not yet prepared to discuss the exact number. Everything at its time”

She should have 12 children a year by the time she is 30 if all goes according to plan.

Christina claimed that before she met Ghalib, a Turkish-born man, she was a single mother with just one daughter. The man told Cristina that he desired a big family and suggested that they should contact his surrogate mother.

To prevent issues after the pregnancy, “We do not directly know surrogate moms and we do not have direct contact with them,” she added, while he admitted that he liked to check women’s nutrition during the nine-month period.

Christina said, “Batumi Clinic chooses surrogate moms for us and takes full responsibility for this procedure.”