Housewives all around the world share a common desire: they want their clothes to smell good all the time. They spend a lot of money on cleaning supplies for this reason without recognizing that they already have more affordable options available. A less common technique for preserving the scent of the clothes is to store a bag of rice in the closet.

When it comes to clothing, women never seem to have enough choices. Even though my numerous outfit purchases are frequently overshadowed by an outstanding collection of other similar purchases at home, I adore going shopping and making varied purchases.

As a result, the closet is regularly overflowing and the back shelves are covered in clothing. It frequently starts to smell bad, and the only way to get rid of it is to wash it again.

Before performing this action, which requires a lot of time and effort, you should be aware that there is a far more accessible and practical alternative. This is a straightforward method that anyone may use and doesn’t require the purchase of any extra items.

There is a need for a cloth bag with 100 grams of rice (about five tablespoons) and six drops of lavender oil.

Rice needs to be cleaned, put in a bowl, and then aromatic oil is sprinkled on top. After mixing the two ingredients with a spoon, let them rest for a while. Put everything in the bag, then do with it as you choose.

Then, this bag is hung on the shelf or put in the closet in between the clothes. In addition to giving the clothes a pleasant scent, the rice will absorb moisture, helping to keep mold from growing.

How to Get Rid of “Damp”-Smelling Clothes

In addition to removing the smell of mold, lavender also gets rid of the smell of “moisture,” which is connected to clothes that weren’t taken out of the washing machine right away or that were put on the shelves while still wet.

Boiling water and copious amounts of lavender flowers are added to a saucepan to get rid of the odor. After the water has boiled and absorbed the lovely scent of flowers, you may then slide the clothing through this combination and dry them.