Hannah was born to a Utah grandmother who was a gestational carrier for her son and daughter-in-law.

“She is here and my heart might explode,” Hannah’s mother Cambria Hauck said on Instagram with a video of her mother-in-law Nancy Hauck giving birth while surrounded by family on Friday. ” She is perfect in every way.”

After giving birth to two sets of twins, Cambria confessed in September that she was unable to conceive once again. After having placenta increta after her most recent delivery, Cambria underwent an emergency hysterectomy.

In order to have a second child, Cambria and Jeff had planned to use their earlier in vitro fertilization procedures’ preserved eggs, but “We ended up not wanting to play with my life,” Cambria said.

At that point, Jeff’s 56-year-old mother Nancy stepped in.

During her interview, the mother of five said, “I could just sense this desire to offer to carry for them.  I was aware that I was too old. I just had to let them know that I was up for the job.”

In October 2021, Nancy presented an important proposal.

“When Nancy came to us, I know most people would probably be like, ‘Oh my my, that’s silly,’ but it didn’t feel like that,” Cambria said.

The entire conversation and experience were simply very peaceful.

After examinations, doctors determined Nancy was “a good candidate” despite her advanced age. She became pregnant after an embryo transfer, and Hannah was born on November 2.

Nancy said that she gave birth in nine hours. When Hannah came, she weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

She stated that she is “faced with new sensations of having a kid, but not taking the baby home with her after.” “Everything went smoothly, and we are grateful to have her as a part of our family,” she wrote.

Cambria referred to Hannah’s birthday as “holy” because she arrived on Da de los Muertos (also known as Day of the Dead), a holiday that is extensively commemorated in Mexico by people as a way to honor their deceased family members.

Her ancestors on both sides “had a huge impact in getting her here,” Cambria said on Instagram. She was also carried and born into the world by her gorgeous grandma, her ancestor. Neither her birthday nor everything else is a coincidence.

Cambria noted that Nancy is “amazing in every aspect”.