woman and child

Raising children in today’s world can be a daunting task. As a parent, you want to ensure their safety and wellbeing at all times. This is why Audrey, a mother of two, has taken a bold approach in raising her children, particularly her daughter.

Audrey, known as @theorganicmami on TikTok, has recently shared her unique perspective on parenting. In a get-ready-with-me video, she openly expresses her methods and choices for her daughter. While some may find her ideas controversial, Audrey believes that it’s essential to prioritize her child’s safety.

One of Audrey’s rules is that her daughter will never have sleepovers. Many parents may agree that it’s safer not to allow sleepovers, but Audrey takes it one step further. She doesn’t even let her daughter stay overnight at her grandparents’ house or with any male relatives. She firmly believes that no male, even if they are family, should be left alone with her daughter.

Audrey extends this approach to her son as well. She treats both of her children equally and imposes the same rules on them. For example, neither her son nor her daughter will be allowed to go out late at night because Audrey believes it’s unsafe for both of them.

Another aspect that Audrey emphasizes is consent and boundaries. Her daughter will have the autonomy to decide whether or not she wants to receive hugs or kisses, even from friends and relatives. Secrets will never be kept from Audrey as a parent, and she encourages open communication with her children.

Furthermore, Audrey embraces her daughter’s emotions and opinions. She firmly believes that her child has the right to feel a certain way and should not be forced to conform to societal norms. In line with this, Audrey has decided that her daughter will not go through public schooling, allowing her to explore alternative educational options.

As expected, Audrey’s video generated a range of opinions in the comments section. Some parents echoed her sentiments, sharing their own experiences and supporting her choices. They emphasized the importance of prioritizing safety and protection, even if it means missing out on sleepovers or traditional schooling.


On the other side, some expressed confusion and concern. They highlighted their own positive experiences with sleepovers, emphasizing the fun and memories that can be made. One teenager was disappointed by their own lack of sleepovers and expressed resentment towards their mother for it.

In the end, Audrey’s approach to parenting may not resonate with everyone. However, it’s important to remember that each parent has their own unique circumstances and concerns. Audrey’s priority is her child’s safety, and she believes that these choices will provide her daughter with a secure and empowered upbringing.

So, what do you think? Are Audrey’s decisions too extreme, or do they make sense in today’s ever-changing world? Let us know in the comments below!