When life falls apart, it can be difficult to see how things could ever be good again. But somewhere in all that sorrow, light has a way of shining through.

Courtney Hill knows this all too well. Her world crumbled when her beloved husband, Bryan, was suddenly taken from her and their family. Bryan, a career soldier in the US Army, had served in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, putting himself in harm’s way to protect his country. But he always came home unharmed.

When Bryan retired from the Army, he and Courtney looked forward to a relaxed and happy future together. Little did they know that disaster was lurking around the corner.

In February 2016, Bryan tragically lost his life in a car crash, leaving Courtney and their daughter, Reagan, devastated. As Courtney prepared for the wake, amidst the sorrow and chaos, she received surprising news – she was pregnant.

With a heavy heart, Courtney held Bryan’s hand during the wake and whispered in his ear, “Sweetheart, you’re going to be a dad again.”

The following months were filled with grief and sorrow, but Courtney found strength within herself to carry on. She worked through her pain and tried to adapt to a new everyday life. However, her journey took another unexpected turn when she started experiencing severe abdominal pain.

Fearing the worst, Courtney visited her doctor, hoping for some reassurance. Instead, she received news that would turn her world upside down – she was carrying triplets. Not just three babies, but two boys and one girl.

“I couldn’t believe it. But I was excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him,” Courtney shared with CBS Chicago.

However, the joy was short-lived. During another ultrasound, Courtney received devastating news – one of the babies, Brady, no longer had a heartbeat.

Despite this heartbreaking loss, Courtney found solace in the two remaining babies, Miles and Harper. Together with Reagan, they became her pride and joy. Courtney knows that Bryan would be incredibly proud of their children.

While people often mistake Miles and Harper for twins, Courtney proudly refers to them as her “surviving triplets.” Their birth brought new hope into her life, even as she mourned the loss of her husband and baby Brady.

Courtney’s journey has been far from easy, but with the support of her friends and family, she looks forward to the future. She has witnessed firsthand how fleeting happiness can be, which has taught her to cherish every moment with her little darlings.

Bryan was a fighter, a strong and loving man. Though he never got the chance to see his children grow up, Courtney finds strength in raising her family and carrying on his legacy.

Their story serves as a reminder that the true essence of life is not measured by the number of years lived, but by the quality of each precious minute.

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