Queen Elizabeth has been forced to pull out of several trips and public engagements in recent weeks due to her health. The long-reigning monarch has been out of the spotlight since mid-October, when she canceled her trip to Northern Ireland.

At first, Queen Elizabeth was said to be “reluctantly” accepting medical advice to rest for a few days. However, it was later revealed that she needed to rest for two whole weeks.

On Sunday, the plan was that the Queen would appear during a Remembrance Day service. But a statement from Buckingham Palace has outlined a number of new health problems for the Queen – they said it was a sprained back that forced her to miss the weekend service.

Following the passing of Prince Philip, many experts believed that the Queen would begin the process of stepping down from many of her duties. If latest reports are to be believed, it seems like that might indeed be the case due to the Queen’s ongoing health issues.

Queen Elizabeth’s health issues

In mid-October, Buckingham Palace released a statement confirming that the Queen had canceled a planned trip to Northern Ireland trip for health reasons.

“The Queen has reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days,” a Buckingham Palace spokesman said at the time.

“Her Majesty is in good spirits and is disappointed that she will no longer be able to visit Northern Ireland, where she had been due to undertake a series of engagements today and tomorrow.

“The Queen sends her warmest good wishes to the people of Northern Ireland, and looks forward to visiting in the future.”

Queen Elizabeth was then hospitalized for “preliminary investigations”. Buckingham Palace announced that she had been warned by doctors that she needed to rest for two more weeks. Reports claimed that she was to continue with “light, desk-based duties”, but besides that not do anything that might put her health at further risk.

In an interview with Express, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti stated that the Queen will continue to pass on duties to other members of the Royal Family. This is mostly due to her advanced age, but also to prepare them to grow into their respective roles, especially where Princes Charles and William are considered.

Other Royal family members taking on responsibility

“It is clear the Queen is feeling some effects of her age. She is somebody who has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy to her service as the monarch,” he said.

“Now she is handing some of it over to family but that is not necessarily new. She has been doing this for some time, spreading out the work more across the family.”

He added: “I think the Queen has been spreading the load a bit to Prince Charles and Prince William and even to Princess Anne and I think that will carry on. I don’t think we should read too much into what engagements the Queen gives to whom.”

“The fact of the matter is Prince Charles is the person next in line and has also got many years of experience behind him.”

Despite her age, Queen Elizabeth has been very active, and hasn’t really had many health issues over the years. However, in the last month, the 95-year-old has been seen walking with a cane at public engagements.

The last time she used a cane was back in 2004, when she had surgery to remove torn cartilage from her knee.

Following her recent two-week rest, it looked like the Queen was all set to return to her normal duties. However, she has suffered another health blow, if speculation can be believed, and was once again forced to sit out of another huge public engagement.

Queen Elizabeth cancels another engagement

On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth was due to appear at the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph war memorial in London for Remembrance Day. It takes place on the second Sunday of every November, and commemorates British service members who have died in wars and other military conflicts.

However, on Sunday, Buckingham Palace released a statement confirming that the Queen would miss the service due to a back sprain. The statement told how the 95-year-old monarch was “disappointed” not to be able to attend the event, and had made the decision not to appear with “great regret” earlier on Sunday morning.

Previously, Buckingham Palace had outlined Queen Elizabeth’s “firm intention” to attend the service following her recent health issues.

Instead, Prince Charles laid a wreath at the Cenotaph on the Queen’s behalf. Several other members of The Firm – including Camilla, Prince William, and Kate – also attended the Remembrance Sunday service as planned.

Last week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave an update on the Queen, saying that she had been “very well” at a meeting between the two of them the week before.

“I know that everybody will be wanting to offer their best wishes to her majesty the Queen and I just wanted to reassure everybody by saying that I did see the Queen for an audience last week on Wednesday in Windsor, and she’s very well,” Johnson said at a press conference in Glasgow.

“It shouldn’t need saying but I just wanted to say it anyway.”

It’s safe to say the Queen doesn’t feel as old as she is. She was nominated for the “Oldie of the Year” award by Oldie magazine, though “politely but firmly” declined, sending the magazine her “warmest best wishes.”

Stopped from drinking martinis

In Queen Elizabeth’s reply, which was published in the magazine’s latest issue, her assistant private secretary, Tom Laing-Baker, said: “Her Majesty believes you are as old as you feel, as such The Queen does not believe she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept and hopes you will find a more worthy recipient.”

Her late husband, Prince Philip, meanwhile, was awarded Oldie of the Year in 2011.

“There is nothing like it for morale to be reminded that the years are passing – ever more quickly – and that bits are beginning to drop off the ancient frame,” he said at the time. “But it is nice to be remembered at all.”

Though Queen Elizabeth is getting on in years now, she still takes the time to enjoy a treat or two every day. According to her former chef Darren McGrady – who cooked for the Queen from 1982 to 1993 – she usually ate four meals each day. Furthermore, she always had afternoon tea, alongside a piece of cake as well.

The 95-year-old regent has, despite a very tough period, been happy and full of energy during her public appearances. According to Vanity Fair, Queen Elizabeth has continued enjoying drinks in the evening – her favorite drink is a dry martini.

According to a source of the site, however, it’s now time for her to quit this ritual.

Doctors have advised the Queen not to drink any alcoholic beverages, except on special occasions. This is seen as a health caution since she has a busy schedule during the 2021 fall.

“It’s not really a big deal for her”

“The Queen has been told to give up her evening drink which is usually a martini,” a family friend told Vanity Fair. “It’s not really a big deal for her, she is not a big drinker but it seems a trifle unfair that at this stage in her life she’s having to give up one of very few pleasures.”

As a result, henceforth the Queen will only consume water and soft drinks.

“The alcohol has gone, her doctors want to make sure she is as fit and healthy as possible,” another source said.

Despite being 95-years of age, it doesn’t look like Queen Elizabeth has any plans to pass on her crown while she’s still alive.

Even so, not everyone is keen to see her continuing work at her usual pace. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, columnist Andrew Pierce remarked that Queen Elizabeth still is “mentally sharp” and that she deserves a few days off if she needs it.

However, Journalist Kevin Maguire took a more cynical approach. He explained that Britain is living through “the end of an era”, and called for Queen Elizabeth to “make way” for her replacement.

“Make way for someone”

“She will not go on forever and let’s be honest she can’t do her job now,” Maguire claimed. “We’re seeing that her job is to go to these occasions and she can’t go.

“I’ve always thought instead of monarchs just being kept in positions and wearing them down you’d be much better having a system of abdication.”

“You do it in other monarchies so no disrespect to her you just make way for someone,” he added.

What do you think Queen Elizabeth should do given her age and health? Will she go down as one of the greatest monarchs in history?

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