Despite the fact that his disgraced uncle is permitted to do so, Prince Harry was told he could not wear the full ceremonial version of his military uniform.

Prince Harry has reacted to charges that he has been denied the right to grieve the passing of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, by wearing his full ceremonial military uniform at formal events, despite the fact that his discredited uncle is permitted to do so.

In line with royal laws, the Duke of Sussex is not allowed to wear his military uniform since, like his uncle the Duke of York, he is not seen as a working member of the royal family.

Prince Andrew withdrew from public life in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding his relationship with the jailed child abuser Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Harry has decided to renounce his royal title in 2020 and travel to the United States with his new bride, Meghan Markle.

Those members of the royal family who have jobs will attend five separate ceremonial rituals during the Queen’s period of mourning while dressed in the proper work attire.

The Thanksgiving Service will take place in Edinburgh’s St. Giles’ Cathedral. A prayer and meditation session will be held after the march to Westminster Hall. Westminster Hall will be the location of the Vigil. Westminster Abbey will host the state funeral. The Committal Service will take place in Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel.

According to information that has surfaced, Andrew will be permitted to wear his uniform at the vigil on Wednesday in Westminster Abbey.

According to reports, Prince Andrew will dress in the uniform he wore while his late mother was a Vice Admiral of the Navy as a final tribute to her.

Other than this rank, he no longer holds any other military positions.

Now that Prince Harry has responded to this ruling, it is evident that he did not receive the same exemption as his uncle.

Prince Harry, better known as the Duke of Sussex, will dress suitably for the ceremonies that will be conducted in honor of his grandmother by wearing a morning suit, according to his press secretary.

We respectfully request that the focus be kept on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II since “his decade of military service is not dictated by the uniform he wears.”

This choice has been confirmed by a statement from Buckingham Palace.