The unexpected walkabout the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made at Windsor Castle drew a lot of attention to the royal pair. Many people were looking for any signs of ongoing tension between the brothers and their wives.

In contrast, their combined look appeared to be as cooperative as it was possible to be given their shared sorrow of the Queen’s loss.

Judi James, a body language specialist, has stated that she saw a moment between Prince William and Meghan Markle during which a “truce” was declared.

She allegedly informed the media that there were “moments of contact between the four” and “it was evident that this was William’s choice and encouragement.”

“He was in charge of the choreography, and he was the one who extended his arm to Meghan and gestured for her to join the group so that she could be introduced to their host.”

James also mentioned Harry and Meghan’s “shared gestures of comfort” after they returned to the UK for a series of events only to cancel them after Her Majesty’s death.

The pair “looked a touch hesitant about the crowds,” she continued, adding that Harry “put an arm over Meghan’s back and stroked it with his thumb” when they were interacting with the people. Meghan reciprocated the gesture.

“As soon as Harry sensed the love from the people, he felt more at ease and relaxed, and some of the old Harry returned, including smiling and more active speech as he reached into the crowd to shake hands,” the author writes.

James did not go so far as to claim that the connection between Prince William and Prince Harry is becoming better when taking into account the circumstances that led to this critical occasion.

When it came to bonding, she added, “eye contact was minimal and chit-chatting limited to a few few words,” adding that it was similar to what we seen when the brothers inaugurated a statue of their late mother Princess Diana in July 2021. Eye contact was minimal, and the conversation was brief, the woman claimed.

When the boys realized that their grandma was unwell, they hurried to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle so they could be by her side on Thursday, September 8. (UK time).

Prior to her passing, only King Charles and Princess Anne were permitted to attend Her Majesty’s burial. She was 96 years old.

Since then, the family has come together for the Royal Dawn, which will go until September 19 – one week after the funeral.

Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, may go from their home in California to Westminster Abbey with Harry and Meghan, according to speculations, so they may be with their parents throughout the service. Harry and Meghan are anticipated to remain in the UK for the duration of the ceremony.