Parents were about to give their consent for their daughter to be unplugged from the hospital devices when the following happened

The story of an 18-month-old child who overcame the odds and lived despite the fact that everyone believed she was dying is nothing short of amazing.

When Lee and Francesca Moore-Williams discovered their infant girl was losing clumps of hair, they were concerned about her health, but doctors informed them she most likely had asthma.

However, things took a turn for the worst on a family vacation in Spain when tiny Bella began to lose energy and slipped in and out of consciousness. Bella was admitted to the hospital after the family came home.

Her situation did not seem to be encouraging. She couldn’t breathe on her own and was placed on a ventilator. The MRI scans indicated serious brain abnormalities in both hemispheres.

When the parents were informed there was nothing they could do to preserve Bella’s life, they took the difficult choice to switch off the ventilator.

Before that, they said their sad goodbyes to their little angel and invited in family members to see Bella one more time. They even snapped a picture of themselves, their five-year-old son, and Bella to remember their little bundle of love.

They remained at Bella’s side while they switched off the ventilator, and the child began breathing on her own. Her oxygen levels increased to 100%, much to everyone’s amazement.

Bella was later identified with Biotinidase deficiency, a genetic disease that affects just one out of every 60,000 births. If left untreated, the deficit may be deadly, but it can now be safely addressed with pills.

Bella was released and sent home five months after she was brought to the hospital and her parents thought they had lost her forever.

She began walking and is doing well. Doctors estimate that she is around eight months behind other toddlers her age, but she will undoubtedly catch up since she is a brilliant young woman.

“I now feel a lot of guilt for bringing family members there to say goodbye but I didn’t know that at the time,” Francesca said.

“I will never, ever forget that moment where I had to say goodbye to my daughter.”

Bella proved that she is a warrior. It is extremely amazing that she healed.