This is the woman who amazingly gave birth to four children in a span of just 11 months.

Swansea resident Becky Johns, 30, unexpectedly became pregnant with triplets just a few weeks after giving birth to her daughter Mya.

She was planning on giving Mya a brother, but she had not imagined falling pregnant and giving birth to not one, but three kids.

When the triplets were born in January of this year, it had only been 11 months since Miss Johns had given birth to Mya.

“They can’t believe that I had four babies in less than a year,” Miss Johns, who lives with her partner Jason Evans, said of guests who pause to gaze at the four kids.

“It is difficult to imagine, and learning that I was having triplets was a huge shock.”

“We had only been trying to conceive for a week when I got pregnant. It all happened so quickly.”

The pair was thrilled when Miss Evans became pregnant and gave birth to Mya in February of last year. The couple also has a daughter named Kayla, who is nine years old.

Miss Evans discovered she was expecting right away after they decided to start a family.

Miss Evans explained that “we had decided to try for only one more kid.  Since Kayla was older, I wanted Mya to have company as she grew older. We started trying right away because we thought it could take some time for me to get pregnant.

But when I performed a test a few weeks later, the results appeared as two blue lines. ” It must have taken me less than a week to get pregnant.”

“When my children were so close in age, I started to worry about how I would handle having two young children together. I felt confident, though, that I could succeed.”

After that, Miss Johns underwent a scan, during which she learned more than she had imagined. On the sonographer’s screen, there were actually three heartbeats, not just one.

Miss Johns observed, “I had to stare at the screen to see for myself. I then kept track of each heartbeat separately. It was true that I was expecting triplets.”

They were all born naturally and originated from unique eggs, which is quite uncommon. According to the doctors, having triplets was the healthiest method because there were no risks associated with any of them sharing a placenta because they each had one.

The couple claimed that when they told their family and friends, they thought they were joking. ” Jason is a bit of a joker, so no one took what he said seriously.”  Even when he showed his sister the scan of all three triplets together, she remained unconvinced.”

The pregnancy of Miss John went smoothly, and she had regular scans to make sure the babies were growing normally.

She said, “We named them Snap, Crackle, and Pop.  It was enjoyable to experience them all moving. Jason gave them nicknames and they lasted because we had no idea and people were asking what they would be called.”

The triplets were born at the end of January, when Miss John’s was 34 weeks pregnant and planned for a caesarian procedure.

“If I had a normal birth, the chances of something going wrong would be higher. I arranged my caesarian section because we didn’t want it to happen. I was scared as well as eager to welcome my three new babies when I walked in.”

Prior to being released in March, they were only in the hospital for around six weeks. ” The triplets were still two weeks old when Mya turned one, so I had to buy a four-seater stroller. Our house is currently a little cramped, but it’s all been worth it.”

It’s great to think that Mya and the triplets will mature at such a similar age, and Kayla is thrilled to have three new siblings.