This is the story of Lucinda, a lady who has long yearned for a child. The woman was overjoyed when she finally fell pregnant after numerous failed tries.

It was a simple birth with no difficulties.

Lucinda confidently entered the hospital on her birthday, and a few hours later, she gave birth to a child who was entirely healthy.  The issues first surfaced just two weeks after delivery.

The infant began acting quite oddly. Her son had began crying more and more loudly, nonstop, for many hours. The young mother took care of the infant’s feeding and changing, therefore she was unaware of why it was crying nonstop.

She decided to go to the hospital immediately to find out what was wrong with her baby because, as she examined more carefully, she observed that the baby’s skin was beginning to turn quite red.

The infant had a brain infection, which was discovered following a series of tests and procedures that included the removal of marrow from his spine. The mother’s diet during pregnancy is to blame for this particular brain illness.

Lucinda had consumed something throughout her pregnancy that was so detrimental and risky for her unborn child that it would result in a brain infection, but she was unaware of it.

Lucinda has had her favorite—sausages and cheese—during pregnancy, so the answer was obvious. The issue with these foods is that they contain a bacteria known as listeria, which may live even at low temperatures in the refrigerator. Additionally, women shouldn’t consume certain items when pregnant.

Babies in their mother’s wombs do not have a strong enough immune system to eradicate this meningitis-causing bacteria.

It is crucial that as many expecting moms as possible receive this information.