Having a spouse, a child, a son or daughter, or anybody else you care about living away from home is really challenging. The desire to see them is strong, and there’s also a strong concern for the person’s welbeing. Birthdays, significant occasions, and annual holidays like Christmas or Easter are the hardest times.

When that happens, you want the person who is miles away from you to be right there by your side.

Instead, the second time you see that person is a special and emotional moment. This happened to a man from the United States who had a kid called Greg Harris. The man’s son, a member of the US Navy, has spent the last 14 months on mission in Japan. Greg and his parents were both burdened by the Army employment and the vast distance.

Since Greg hadn’t been home in a while, he came up with an unexpected plan to see his parents.

No one anticipated such a gesture as he did not inform his family in advance of his homecoming. This worked in favor of the surprise he had planned. Greg believed that a restaurant dinner for his parents may make for the ideal surprise.

On a typical evening, Greg’s parents were dining. The waiter didn’t arrive promptly after the two sat down at the table, and Greg’s father was getting ready to walk to the front desk to get a waiter. The cameras caught every second of this.

Greg’s father appears in front of him and greets him as soon as he gets up from the table. The situation was unique and filled with emotion. The boy’s appearance completely caught the parents off guard, and they had no suspicions.

Witnesses at the restaurant had seen a really moving father-son interaction that caused them to start crying. Such occasions deserve praise, and the fact that the event was caught on tape made it much more unique.