Parents just want the best for their children. If you’re a parent, you already know how wonderful it is to see your children’s happiness. They are the most attractive, intelligent, and powerful creatures in our opinion as parents.

But in some people’s eyes, there’s always room for improvement. Because he believed in perfection, a cosmetic surgeon believed that something could be done to improve the beauty of his two children, and he concluded that his girls would be wonderful models for his ideas.

The girls were barely 10 years old when the dad and his wife adopted them. They got along nicely with the new family and were adorable. However, the father realized that one of his daughters disliked the appearance of her belly and began to think about a solution. She was quite pleased with the outcome after the operation! That was only the beginning of a lengthy tale.

Given that he has so far had several cosmetic procedures on Charm and Brittani Niccole, Michael Niccole is quite concerned about his daughter’s looks. His medical facility is in the prominent state of California in the United States, and it has a lot of happy customers.

Up to this point, their adoptive father made Brittani and Charm’s breast augmentation, nose modification, and botox injection. As a result of the constant support and compliments from their friends, they felt motivated to keep on with the procedures.

They had to wait until they became 18 before having the breast augmentation procedure, so she was overjoyed when his father gave her this present after she graduated from high school. This developed into an addiction, a dependence on perfection, to the point that these operations started to seem normal.

Even while the father is urging them to get these procedures, the mother is hesitant and advised them against changing anything they don’t like. According to their father, it is normal for them to think this way because they were raised in a setting where beauty is valued highly.

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