When children come from wealthy households, they want their parents to spoil them with the most unusual gifts, which can frequently cost a lot of money.

While many billionaires around the world prefer to treat their heirs in this manner, some wish to give their children a different education.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are among those who refuse to give their children Christmas presents.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s love story began on the set of “That 70s Show,” where they built a wonderful relationship.

They stayed together for several years before realizing they had much stronger feelings for each other and deciding to create a pair.

Years passed, and in 2015, the two stars exchanged vows of eternal love. Mila gave birth to two gorgeous children, Wyatt Isabelle (7 years old) and Dimitri (2 years old), and they were blessed with a wonderful family (5 years old).

Despite their exceptional financial circumstances, the two spouses chose to educate their children in a different manner than other celebrities.

While most sighted children live lavish lives with everything they desire, Mila and Ashton wanted to teach their children the value of modesty and normal living.

As a result, they decided that instead of receiving Christmas presents, Wyatt and Dimitri should experience other unique moments in the family.

The performers realized that the two kids are at an age where they don’t value gifts for what they are, thus no toy will truly make them happy.

In addition to their decision to forego gifts, their relatives have been requested not to make similar gestures in the case of the two children.

Instead, they will make a charitable gesture every year by purchasing toys for children from low-income families or who are sick and presenting them as gifts.

The two actors want to make this a family custom that their children will continue and accept as they grow older.

“We’ve decided to start a Christmas tradition that doesn’t involve presents. Wyatt received gifts from his grandparents last year, but after playing with them for a bit, he decided to give them up.

She doesn’t seem to mind anymore. We advised our parents not to buy too many items, that a gift would suffice because children do not understand how to appreciate such gifts.

They’re just not big enough for that. We prefer to buy toys and donate them to children’s hospitals, where the children can have a good time and benefit from it.

That’s how we came to the decision to make this our new Christmas tradition “Mila and Ashton admitted.