Keanu Reeves, who is everyone’s favorite Hollywood hottie, has been up to his old tricks once more, and this time, his silky dances are even more lovely…

It is common knowledge that Reeves is one of the most charming men in the area.

The actor who played Neo in The Matrix has a long history of being one of the greatest guys in Hollywood, and his most recent antics may very well be the most endearing ones he has ever done.

He has gone to extraordinary lengths to win over the grandmother of a fan…

According to a story that was published on Upworthy, a user on Reddit disclosed that their grandmother, who was eighty years old at the time, was a huge fan of Reeves.

Because of this, the user’s uncle felt compelled to approach Reeves when he saw him in a restaurant.

Naturally, Reeves’s response was extremely endearing to say the least.

The Reddit user related how their uncle went up to the actor’s table and told him how much their grandma adored him, and how she could even perceive a resemblance between him and the father of her own children! After that, Reeves inquired about the possibility of calling her up…

Their exchange was one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.

The user continues their post by saying, “He spoke with my grandmother for several minutes, and it definitely made her year.”

[Citation needed] Because she was so alone, the fact that he took an interest in her and was genuinely kind to her demonstrates what an incredible man he is.

So there you have it: Reeves has to have the title of being the nicest man in all of Hollywood.

We had no need for confirmation, but Reeves continues to show that he is the consummate gentleman that he portrays himself to be at every opportunity.